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Which movies have an electronic music soundtrack?

I get the impression that electronic music doesn't sit too well in movies. With the exception of actual club scenes (Babel, IAG Pete Tong) techno, breaks, drum & bass don't often get a look in.

So, which movies use electronic music extensively or appropriately?

THANKS for any suggestions....
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Run lola run
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Giorgio Moroder did a few, including Midnight Express and Cat People.

Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk) did the soundtrack for Irreversible.

Trainspotting features quite a bit of electronica.
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Early electronic music: Chariots of Fire.
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A really unique Hungarian film with an excellent electronic soundtrack. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it.
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Blade Runner, and any other Vangelis-tracked film.
Aronofsky's Pi.
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Clint Mansell has had a lot of work since 1998.
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Logan's Run
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The Matrix had a predominantly electronic soundtrack.
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A bunch of the John Carpenter movies prominently feature electronic music too.

Tangerine Dream.
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The Matrix (& sequels).

I think a lot of action (especially sci fi action) movies feature techno/electronica in their soundtracks.
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The movie London was done by the Crystal Method. Which also reminds me, The Replacement Killers' soundtrack also had a lot of big beat stuff (including Crystal Method).
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Memento features a nice synth score.
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Not quite electronic (as the instrument used analog tapes), but Walter/Wendy Carlos used the Moog Synthesiser to create all the music in A Clockwork Orange.
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A Clockwork Orange, of course. Also, from the same period, the Andromeda Strain. And from the 1950s, Forbidden Planet.
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Sean of the Dead... maybe.
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Danny the Dog (Unleashed) - Scored by Massive Attack

"electronic" is a pretty broad term, too. The old Dawn of the Dead and other horror movies were scored with spooky cheesy synth work. Or movies with soft ambient soundtracks like Lost in Translation might also be called 'electronic.'
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Forbidden Planet was the first movie to have an electronic soundtrack, though it may not be the kind of electronic you are looking for...
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oh, and Hackers
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Plenty of electronic music on the soundtrack to Go (and in some crappier rave-ish movies from the same era, but I can't think of their titles), and in documentaries like Modulations and Better Living Through Circuitry. DJ Shadow did the score to Dark Days, and sometime-MF-Doom-associate Ray Davis did On the Ropes--those two aren't about music, though.
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Also, Monster has a great score by BT.

And if more ambient electronic stuff is admissible, the following are great:
Solaris (2002)
Donnie Darko
Me, You, and Everyone We Know
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Tarkovsky's Stalker. An example. Another. (This is one of my favorite movies.)
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Fight Club
Traffic has some electronic music too.
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IIRC most of the soundtrack to the movie Risky Business is electronic...sounds like Tangerine Dream. But maybe that's just the train scene? Haven't seen it in a while.
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The French soundtrack to March of the Penguins.
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Human Traffic
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plasticbugs, the Moog Modular synthesizer used by Carlos didn't have any kind of tape component, it's analog electronic circuitry through and through. And while most of the original scored music in Clockwork Orange, there is also a good amount of non-electronic music as well.
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The Exorcist, in the sense that much of it is the synthesized "Tubular Bells," but that's electronic music, not electronica.
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Oooh! I love you Xere, I had no idea a separate score existed, let alone by Emile Simon!
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Oh, wait. It turns out the original Tubular Bells apparently isn't synthesized. Dipshit ROU is dipshit.
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The Legend Of Hell House (1973), soundtrack by Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson.
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Ladyhawke uses electronic music extensively, but it's hardly appropriate.

You probably wouldn't want to listen to it. It's terrible mid-80's synth music.
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The Warriors uses it for the score. Actual songs showing up are a mix of disco and pop.
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Off the top of my head:

The Virgin Suicides soundtrack by Air.
Steak by Mr Oizo, S├ębastien Tellier, SebastiAn and Kavinsky.
Snatch also featured a few (e.g. Mirwais)
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2010 - it was quite good too.

Escape From New York - I only know the opening track, which is great.
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Electric Dreams - neat little flick and lots of electronic music, which is kind of the focus.
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I stand corrected. Thanks for the additional info, @dbiedny. I'm also going to throw Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi and Naqoyqatsi all scored by Philip Glass into the mix. They all included traditional instruments, but synthesized music was a dominating part of all three.
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Sorcerer has a bumping soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. The film is a remake of the classicWAGES OF FEAR and is set in the mountains and jungles of South America.

Also, Goblin's score for the supernatural horror film SUSPIRIA is almost entirely electronic...
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WOW That's a lot of replies. You guys rock. Thank you.
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Any of the stuff scored by Harold Faltermeyer.
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Boards of Canada in Morvern Callar
Dust Brothers in Fight Club

Very pop driven but The Saint and The Beach had electonica tracks

The Diva soundtrack also had some early electronica.
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Plaid worked on Tekkon Kinkreet. There's a remix compilation of the soundtrack album too.

Orbital worked on Event Horizon.

It might not fit what you're looking for, but I remember Michael Mann's Heat had some scenes with an electronic music backing - such as the last robbery / street battle scene, I think.
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Both Collateral and The Bourne Identity use Paul Oakenfold's Ready Steady Go on their soundtracks.

And the film Go has a great electronic soundtrack by BT.

And if you're into Daft Punk, it's worth checking out Electroma, the film they made in 2006. It doesn't feature any of their music, but it's pretty much a silent film scored with music from artists they like.
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Phillip Glass' score for Candyman has a strong electronic element too, albeit mixed with choirs and other organic stuff.
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Don't forget Tangerine Dream's score for the underappreciated Michael Mann film THIEF.
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Gallipoli. And it didn't improve the movie any; laser sound effects during Mel Gibson's running scenes made the 20th Century History class I was in burst into laughter.
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No one seems to have mentioned The Thing, for which Ennio Morricone did an entirely electronic score. The other I was going to mention was Suspiria, but I was beaten to it.
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Tangerine Dream scored Risky Business. It's a classic!
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Air did the soundtracks for Code 46 and The Virgin Suicides.
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It wasn't a very good movie, but One Perfect Day had a lot of excellent electronic music in it.
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Tangerine Dream scored "Risky Business"

as well as the underappreciated Miracle Mile.

as well as any other Vangelis-tracked film.

You can add his Bounty to the list of films with inappropriately electronic music soundtracks.

And how about Buckaroo Banzai? No soundtrack ever released, but count me among those who've dubbed the closing credits theme onto an archival cassette tape.
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Strong second for Run Lola Run, which is almost like an extended music video for a long, graceful album's worth of electronica (and the music is by the director, for an extra bonus of interest there).

Weird to see the multiple mentions of the Matrix movies. They have very traditional orchestral scores. As far as I recall, the only pure electronica in them is (just as the OP mentions) in the club scenes and in the underground dance party in the second movie. Some of the fight scenes (especially the first fight among Neo and all the Agent Smiths in the second movie) interestingly mix electronic beats with the more typical early-20th-century orchestral language that makes up most of the rest of their scores.
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