no-go on the two-flow shower
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asking for a friend: dueling showerheads & the main one is losing.

I have a shower with a regular shower head (A), and an additional handheld shower (B) which of course is separate from (A). On the shower wall is a dial that controls the hot/cold water mixture, and below that, a large "button" - when pushed, the button SHOULD divert the water from the regular shower head (A) to the HandHeld (B).

What is SUPPOSED to happen is you turn the water on and it immediately comes out of (A). When you want the water to come out of (B) you push the large button and all the water then comes out of (B). If at this point you want the water to come back of out (A), you have to turn the water off (which releases the button pressed earlier) and then back on.

What ACTUALLY happens is that when I turn the water on, water comes out of both (A) & (B). When I hit the button, water comes out of only (B), like it is supposed to, but I can NEVER get the water to only come out of only (A). I've switched out the big button once, and still have the same issue. [I even installed an additional diverter as part of the hand held shower (B), but that thing won't completely close off all water to the hand held handle.]

Any suggestions?
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sounds like your ball valve is faulty.
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The return spring that pushes the button back out has weakened or broken. If this isn't something that you installed yourself, I'd recommend calling the plumber.
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I'd try going to the hardware or plumbing store and ask for a shower shut-off valve, not a diverter. Something that can be installed at the handheld shower head and will cut the flow completely. Even if they don't have something made expressly for this, you could find a ball valve (with a handle that you turn) that would fit the hose, and that would definitely stop any flow.
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Might you(r friend) be able to get a plumber/handyman to come out and give a free estimate? Then you'd know more about what the problem was and how much it would cost---and if it's not too much, you could just have the work taken care of.
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