I want this bag! But I can't pay for it!
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I am obsessed with this bag. I cannot afford it. Please help me find a substitute.

I will buy this bag someday and use it forever, but in the meantime something pretty close will do. What I like are the proportions; the generous weekendy size; the not-flashy leather; the straps/buckles/general equestrian-ish but very clean and unfussy look; the short handles; the general pleasingly old-school aesthetic; the promise of becoming more beautiful as it ages. Less important - brand, big mouth frame opening, combination of interior/exterior pockets. Things I do NOT want: big logos, overly fussy/feminine details, overly masculine/squared off shapes.

I seem to see riding satchels that have the same general look out and about, but don't know where to go to find one. I want to use it as my one and only bag for the many short trips I take, and possibly as an everyday bag, too - it's sort of huge, but then I like that. My budget is $200 at the top end. I am saving up for the real thing, but I really can't justify an expense like that for quite a while...and I need a bag now. Thanks!
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Bag, Borrow, or Steal. You can 'rent' bags, and/or buy ones that have been used. Maybe they have something in your style?
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The Leather Store on Etsy has a couple beautiful, large leather bags, but they're a little smaller than yours.
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Orvis has a duffel that has a similar style. It's not full leather, but the price is just under $200.
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Have you checked eBay? For instance, this one ended close to $250 and the same seller has this one up for auction now. It's gorgeous though, regardless.
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Have you checked out Modista yet? It might help. You click on similar looking bags and it takes you to more similar looking bags. It does seem to have mostly smaller bags though.
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Someone posted the AWOL bag a while ago, and I thought it was pretty awesome looking. It definitely reminds me of the bag in your question. I haven't, however, seen one in person and the website I linked to only has an illustration, not a photograph, which is lame.
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Ah. Ah ha. It turns out there is a photo, if you click the "alternate view" on the page I linked to.
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I have their "Hippo" duffle. The large one - which I see they don't make anymore. I also see they dropped "Brothers" from their name. I wonder if they were bought out.

It's kind of beat up but I'll sell it to you. Drop me a line if you are interested.
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There's a very similar bag $375 dollars cheaper, which may not be enough to help you any, at J.Peterman. There's also some carry-on size leather bags at Overstock.com for $200-$300.
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Bohemian Traders used to have a bag just like that. Unfortunately, their website is defunct, but according to CitySearch they're still in business (Minneapolis, MN). Their phone number is: (800) 628-1625. You can see the old website on archive.org, though the first link has pictures-o-plenty.
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I buy nice leather bags at Country Road in Australia.
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Maybe one of these from Levenger?

English Briefbag
St. Tropez Leather Tote Bag
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You may like a bag such as the trastavere from Floto.
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Here's something sorta similar from Cabela's; two sizes, both under $200.
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I love that brown leather too! I bought a brown leather bag at Ruehl in NYC last spring and love it!!!! They have great bags. Their website is www.ruehl.com and their bags are less pricey than your dream bag. Good luck!
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And Cabela's has your Mulholland bag for $700.
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Oughton Limited has a great selection of equestrian bags, that are actually made from tack parts. It's a bit more expensive than you want, at $275, but they have sales on the Beval website occasionally.
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Check out TUMI (sale link). They make some pretty quality stuff. Not sure if they have your "mulholland bag".
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Drat...now I am obsessed with this bag.
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Response by poster: Oooooh. Fabulous answers, guys - the Floto and Ruehl bags are especially great.
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I bought this bag for my husband... and I say "accept no substitutes". It's beautiful. It will last and last. It's perfect for weekend travel... it's like Mary Poppins' bag...seems to hold a lot more than it should. Now I want one... or rather, I want this one.
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