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In past presidental election nights I've sat around a TV with others or been at a campaign headquarters/party. This year I'll be at work though. Suggestions for sites/links for us numbers-obsessed people who want a constant stream of data/graphics/discussion?
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Not sure about election night, but get your poll fix now at RealClearPolitics.
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I've heard of this little place called "metafilter", which I'm sure will be going apeshit.
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If you have a *good* local news website, like from Portland, there's a chance that they'll have a constantly updated listing on their website.
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If you want it fast and inaccurate, drudge report is unbeatable on election days.
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pardon me.
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For Democrats, DailyKos will be the central place to find updates and discussion. For Republicans, RedState or Command Post will probably be more comfortable. RCP also leans right.

The Votemaster will also likely have obsessively updated information and links on election night, but no discussion. He's been adding servers like crazy, all for an enterprise that will have zero life as of Nov. 3.
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I'd have thought the BBC will be streaming their own news programme devoted to the election through the night... Just check BBC News on the day.
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I think dhartung meant this votemaster.
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I always like the AP Wire at these times. Raw News is great.
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Also see this newer AskMe thread
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