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iPhotoFilter: how to make vertically-oriented photos taken on a Casio EX-V8 automatically show up that way in iPhoto?

My Casio EX-V8 camera is great...except for the fact that when I import photos into iPhoto, horizontally-oriented (landscape) photos turn out fine, of course, but vertically-oriented ("tall") photos don't get rotated automatically. This means I have to manually go through all of the photos and rotate them so that they face the right way, instead of staring at me at a 90 degree angle.

Even the ancient digital camera I had before could deal with this, but this one cannot. Either camera-based (camera settings) or software-based (in OS X/iPhoto) solutions are fine. I'm running iPhoto 7.1.5 on 10.5.6. Thanks!
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Sounds to me like iPhoto isn't reading the EXIF tags properly.
posted by dunkadunc at 11:42 AM on January 21, 2009

It doesn't appear that your camera has an orientation sensor. Are they shown rotated properly on the camera screen?
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Response by poster: smackfu: they're not rotated on the camera screen. If the camera is recording the orientation (which it probably isn't if there's no sensor), it's not showing it. Is there any hope then? I could be wrong, but wouldn't the PC version of the Casio software have some way of doing this -- it would have to get the data from somewhere, right?
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Best answer: If your camera doesn't have an orientation sensor then there's no way it can record the EXIF tag.
The PC version of the Casio software won't have a way of doing this, because there's nowhere it can get the data from because the EXIF tag wasn't recorded in the first place.
Sadly, I think you're going to have to rotate it by hand.
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I will tell you that you can select multiple pictures and hit CMD-R (or Shift CMD R) and rotate multiple pictures in iphoto simultaneously.
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