When I grow up, I wanna be a David Lynch girl
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Can anyone identify the dress from Blue Velvet and Inland Empire - or at least direct me to the designers that David Lynch used?

Hey guys, I'm looking for something similar to this dress.

Another shot of the full dress here at 4:54

Laura Dern wears it in David Lynch's Inland Empire and at the beginning of Blue Velvet.

And I couldn't find a complete picture of it but there's a green top or green dress she wears here around 3:26 and she wears it when she's in the alley after shopping.

Any idea who the designers are or where I can find something similar?
Much appreciated and yes, I've checked Anthropologie. Alas.

Help me Internet Kenobis, you're my only hope...
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Patricia Norris is the costume designer (as well as production designer). On a film like this and looking at those dresses, I bet she designed them herself and they were made specifically for the film.

I used to work as a prop and costume archivist at a studio, off the rack clothing generally was reserved for lesser characters, horror movies (and other not very arty films) or movies with a much lower look and feel (such as a present day romantic comedy).

A seamstress could duplicate the look you're going for.
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Also, and this may not answer your question specifically, there were numerous production notes in this doc: Lynch
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