In nearly every language, it's still called a "blog". But that doesn't mean I've read it.
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What are some great non-English blogs that I should be reading?

With Google Reader's new "Translate this to my Language" feature, I'm wondering what non-English blogs I should be checking out that I previously ignored due to my monolingual ways?
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Depends on what you're interested in, no?

Plus, YMMV, but i've come to find that outside of the english-language, web-workery-world of Kottke, Zeldman, 37signals, boingboing etc. etc., there's no "rockstar", "don't miss"-bloggers like in the English-speaking blogosphere.
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In the street fashion genre, which totally might not be your thing:

Colour Me! is the Finnish blog of a super-cute little pixie redhead who likes big bows, vintage records, and poofy skirts with a cinched waist.

Betty is a chic french girl with an eye for rearranging her favorite clothing pieces.

The Cherry Blossom Girl is an amazing photographer and illustrator in addition to being a role-model for vintage-loving girly girls ever.

Since I have a suspicion you're looking for something a little more geeky and a little less girly, as a design geek, I love the German graphic design blog Erik Spiekermann! Product packaging! Typography!
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I guess some direction would help - yes, geeky blogs are always good, but also international newsblogs/commentary on world events, technology, etc.
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I'd recalled seeing something like this're some possibilities.
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also, Globe of Blogs is interesting...
posted by dawson at 5:09 PM on January 21, 2009 is in French and has several blogs which update frequently.

French newspapers like Libération and Le Monde host many blogs on their websites.
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Church of Rationality occasionally posts in German -- see that link. He talks about a range of topics: philosophy, sociology, politics, culture, life. Most of his posts are in English, though. (Full disclosure: he frequently links to my blog.)
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