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Simple q: a way to supplement the dictionary/thesaurus in, ugh, MS Word, Macintosh, to extend its vocabulary and synonym choices? I don't want to have to pop out of word to go look elsewhere. I just want the built in dictionary/thesaurus enlarged. I know there have been N previous queries about dictionaries but I didn't see anything about this specific issue. thanks.
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Unfortunately, I don't know how to expand Word's vocabulary, but I think a solution might be to download Quicksilver which is free and fantastic and has a built-in thesaurus.

You can call it up with a simple key-combo right from the window you're working in, which is arguably even easier than bringing up Word's dictionary/thesaurus feature.

Plus, then you would get all the other Quicksilver goodness as well.
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WordWeb is another option.
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Custom dictionary is your friend. Legal secretaries and others have relied on this feature for years.

You can get word lists lots of places. Download, import, and wahlah.
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