There's a Conference Call in my Pants...
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I've got a Motorola H500 Bluetooth headset, and the damn thing keeps making phone calls from my pocket. Is there a carrying case that I can rig up that will fit my needs?

So, I've seen this question, and tend to agree with this statement by Lokheed, "as near as I can tell bluetooth headsets are universally designed for borg people who want to walk around 24/7 with a piece of technology in their ear, and not for people who want to carry the technology in their pocket and only actually use it when they want to talk on the phone."

I want to carry it in my pocket. I don't want a new headset, I want to see if there's a better option. I'm a guy, and that means we're looking to come up with something that can fit in a front pants pocket, doesn't have sharp corners, and is rigid enough to not press down on the dial-out button when I sit down.

I'm going to see if an Altoids tin is thick enough, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

Any other suggestions? Homebrew solutions?
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I only carry mine in my shirt pocket (and IIRC I've owned the H500, although not currently). Never had that problem.
posted by IAmBroom at 8:45 AM on January 21, 2009

What about a holster, belt thingy?
posted by Gor-ella at 8:59 AM on January 21, 2009

You could turn it off for when it's in your pocket and then turn it back on for when you want to use it. Warm-up time and connection time is about 10 seconds, iirc.
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Response by poster: squorch, the thing turns itself on if it jostles around long enough.
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What's the mechanism that turns it on? Just any pressing of the buttons does it? I have a Motorola headset as well, and mine has a slider switch that requires a decent bit of force to turn on.
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Response by poster: button, yes.
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Could you turn bluetooth off on your phone and then turn it on when you want to use the headset?
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It is poor industrial design. I don't mind turning bluetooth on when I want to use the headset, but I can't do that when a call comes in. If it's a friend, and I know I'm going to talk a while, I'll say "let me call you back, i have to turn my headset on" but who does that??
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Concur with the poor design... then again, the thing was made back in 2005 when BT headsets were NEW and EXCITING and you wore them ALL THE TIME.
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