Fun birthday ideas for fantasy-sci-fi fan/crafter/science nerd/animal lover?
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Ideas for a birthday week of fun for a lover of animals, sci-fi/fantasy and crafting?

I’ll be 40 in March. I want to mark the occasion with a week of fun for me and my friends.

I’m looking for ideas/suggestions about four things I want to make happen (what do I do, and how do I pull it all off well?):

* a benefit for a local 24-hour emergency vet or other animal charity. Tips and ideas?

* a day of creativity for a knitter/crafter & her friends: a knitter’s tea? A knitting retreat in a wooded cabin? A shibori party? What have you done that's fun?

* something that celebrates sci-fi fantasy: not too many ideas here! A movie-watching get-together? I’m a fan of Doctor Who (all seasons), Star Trek TNG, Spaced, BSG, Heroes, Lost, Harry Potter… Ideas?

* something science-nerdy: a tour of the local observatory? A lecture? I’m in Western NC and would love something fun to do in early/mid-March for someone who loves the physical and natural sciences.

What have you done that was fun and successful?
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animals, sci-fi/fantasy and crafting

I think you already know the answer to this.

Dress your dog up like a robot.
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animals + knitting: visit/tour a local fiber farm. Alpaca farms are great for this. They usually sell yarn on-site. Really really YUMMY yarn.

Ask for goodies off a local rescue's wishlist (toys, treats, food) in lieu of people presents? Deliver them to the shelter/rescue (explain - get permission first) and maybe hand out the treats and toys to the critters?

Have an awesome supper, and then booze and cheesecake while watching classic sci fi filmfest.
Sheesh, invite me to this thing!
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Hold a dog wash in the parking lot* of the vet/shelter. Charge a cash fee, or follow Lou's excellent suggestion and ask that people give stuff from a shelter's wish list.

If the weather is not good for outdoor activities at that time of year in NC, you could ask a grooming place to donate their space for a day.
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NC, SC, what's the diff? Maybe you could get this guy to whip up a party for you?

Or, maybe you could drive north and see some ponies. It's sort of science nerdy if you count the natural history of feral animals...

Really, the dog wash or alpaca/llama/guanaco/Vicuna ideas are the best.

Have fun! Maybe someone will give you a box set of a brand new (to you) fantasy.
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