Help finding "earth" business address for website.
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I have the web address, but can find no "earth" address for a website which I would like to contact by snail mail. Is there a way online (hopefully free) to find the actual business address for a website?
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Do a WHOIS on the domain name. You might get lucky.
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Best answer: Example:
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Would the Better Business Bureau be of any help?
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Some DNS registrars offer "steal" registration. If that's the case, the registrar will be listed on the WHOIS entry and you're probably SOL. Otherwise, the above mentioned WHOIS trick should give you a site administrator contact and possibly a physical address.
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Do you mind sharing the website with us so that we can practice our Google-Fu?

My guess is that if Google, BBB, WHOIS doesn't identify it, you are not going to have much luck finding it. There are many retail sites that are operated out of a dorm room or from China, so they have good (from their perspective) reasons not to put up a postal mail address...
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Response by poster: Thank you SO much, everyone! I was able to locate the name of an individual and an address. Whether it is current and will bring me results is another question, but at least I have a contact name and address! Thanks!!!
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