Can you identify this religious song
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Can anyone identify this religious song from a fragment of lyrics: "I did not do a single thing/ to help God's only son/ So every time I sin on earth/ I feel like I'm the one/I'm the one who had him crucified/ I'm the one who stood his cross so high/ I'm the one who stood and watched him die/I'm the one/ I'm the one..."

I heard this on a compilation CD on very non-religious music almost 20 years ago... sung by an American woman. There are other verses which I can't remember.
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It's called I'm the One, but I can't find an actual recording of it. I'll see what I can do.

I could not do a single thing to hurt God's only Son,
But everytime I sin on earth,I feel that I'm the one.
I'm the one who shouted crucify.
I'm the one who made His cross so high.
I'm the one who stood and watched Him die.
What have I done? I'm the one.

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Here's another version of the lyrics.
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Here's a podcast with a version of the song by Hosea Humphrey.
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thanks, my google skills failed me...
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