More Flash ambient sound toys, please!
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More Flash ambient sound toys, please!

After reading this wonderful MeFi post, I immediately loaded up the Buddha Machine Wall on PS3 browser and set it to play in the background in my livingroom.

What are some other similar toys that I can run on my PS3 and that will play ambient sounds in the background with little intervention? (Bonus points if you can come over and play with them occasionally, like changing up the loops on the Buddha Machine Wall.) The PS3 browser supports Flash, so any Flash apps that do this are good answers.
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It's not quite as melodic as the Buddha Machine Wall, but check out the Whitney Music Box.
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You probably already know about Flow.
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HA! I'd heard of it, but somehow it slipped my mind. I will see if it's what I'm looking for.
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Does flOw work passably without any user intervention?
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I love this thing so much.
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Flashback! (info)
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At first it's a little bit more dancy, but play around with it and you can get some great ambient droning sounds: Tony B Machine

Or you could just go to the Brian Eno/Terry Riley/Ambient page and let loose!
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