Moving to Norwich Norfolk
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Can anyone advise me about moving to Norwich Norfolk, UK? I know the town centre itself quite well, but don't know where the crap areas are. I'd be looking for a one or two bed nice flat or house, for me only, and want a safe quiet area. I know about the Golden Triangle area, but don't think I can afford that (looking max rent 450pcm really, but would try and find a roommate if thats likely to be unrealistic) Quite happy to move to a nearby village if its easy to get into the city itself. Anyone know definitely where to avoid?!
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I haven't spent any length of time in Norwich for a long while, but I'd strongly suggest you avoid Prince of Wales Road, and anywhere near the "Riverside" development. Far from quiet, and probably not that safe.

You can find out a lot about an area from although of course nothing beats local knowledge.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Yep, I know Riverside and Prince of Wales Drive, and thought - ooh noisy. I'm looking at some places outside of Norwich, so fingers crossed I'll find something soon!
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