Where are custom settings stored in Word 2000?
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What file are settings (created macros, custom toolbar buttons, etc.) stored in in Word 2000?

I want to try upgrading to Word 2003 but don't want to lose all the custom stuff in my current version of 2000 (in case I decide to go back). When I reinstalled Photoshop in a new computer, I was able to find a settings file that preserved all of my created actions. I think something similar must exist with Word, but I haven't been able to find it. Help!

Extra credit points if you know whether it's possible to import custom stuff from earlier versions into 2003 after you upgrade!
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Most customization is stored in a file called normal.dot, which is essentially the blank page that comes up when you start a document. This article describes which directories it might be in for Word 2000.
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Response by poster: Hi! I didn't think of looking at the template file--didn't occur to me that it might store things like macros and key combos. I'll check!
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