Changes between 2008 Ford Mustang and 2009 Ford Mustang?
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2008 Ford Mustang v. 2009 Ford Mustang. Isn't there.. a... changelog somewhere?

So I'm trying to decide between paying 21k for a build-to-order V6 2009 Mustang, with all the fancy stuff I want, and 16k for a roughly equivalent 2008 model that lacks some of the shinies.

However, besides rough listings, I can't seem to find a good list of what has changed. Clearly they are essentially the same car, but I have to think there are numerous little tweaks in the sense of "brakes work .2% better" and "doorhandle moved slightly forward" type.

I made those examples up.

Is there such a list?
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The Car and Driver (or equivalent) review of the 2009 Mustang will probably mention the major updates.
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... for a more detailed breakdown you might check a Ford Mustang forum.
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Yeah. All I'm finding is the big stuff and new packages available, Not the little details that would be helpful. I'll try the forums though if no one has an existing link. (Didn't know there WERE Mustang specific forums, actually, but it makes sense.)
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This is the forum with the best all-around Mustang info.
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Actually, no, there don't have to be any tweaks or little changes like you describe. 2009 doesn't seem to represent a completely new model year - this site says that there is a major update coming in the 2010 model year. As such, most of the details are probably exactly the same.

I don't know anything about Mustangs specifically, but that's how it works with other cars in my experience. That's why, when looking for things like tires or brakes or windshield wipers, they say that a certain size fits "2005-2009" etc.
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That forum has what you want. Check out the attachments to the first post in this thread, VIEW THE 2009 MUSTANG ORDER GUIDE HERE!!! (the two attached PDFs are here and here)

From the first PDF, "2009 Mustang Order Guide", page 1:

2009 Mustang Major Product Changes
- Standard equipment changes

"Standard on V6 Premium ... and GT Premium arrays:
1. Premium interior (formerly Interior upgrade package)
2. Satin aluminum instrument panel
3. ambient lighting
4. satellite radio"

It goes on to list new options, exterior colors, and package changes.

Page 2 and on go into much detail, with asterisks next to the very few items that are new for 2009, such as:

18" V6 Premium Polished Forged Wheel ... * Optional on V6 Premium


* Brilliant Silver Clearcoat Metallic (p.13)
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