Need a shrink in central New York state
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I'm looking for a really good psychiatrist or psychologist in either Rochester, Syracuse or Ithaca NY... for a friend, of course!

The friend has lots of experience being counseled, so he needs someone who's not easily bull shat. He prefers a counselor who listens well but is not entirely passive. His medication is already being managed, so the counselor doesn't need to be able to prescribe. Best answers will include the name of a counselor who is still accepting clients that you or someone you know well has had actual experience with — friend is totally capable of googling lists of shrinks, checking his insurance site for providers, etc.
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Sorry, since I don't live in the area all I can give you is the advice I've used to find my pdocs and therapists when I relocate.

If (s)he has a psychiatrist already prescribing meds, (s)he can get a referral from him/her. I've grilled my pdoc about local therapist options and she matched me with one that is absolutely perfect and met my needs (and does sliding scale, yay).

If you are googling, sometimes you can get background info on their specialties like couples therapy, CBT, addiction therapy, family therapy, etc. and that can help narrow the search down as well.

Good luck to your friend.
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I received two recommendations offline. As these were intended to be private communications I don't feel comfortable revealing the names. But they were exactly what my friend was looking for.
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