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James Cameron's Aliens + Screening Party + [Your suggestions for Aliens themed foods] = AWESOMENESS!! Help me out.

Someone already suggested cornbread. My only contribution has been the idea of making Pigs in a Blanket, but instead calling them "Face Huggers in a Chest Cavity." What else can we do?
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Perhaps you can get some inspiration from this piece of art.
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Hot cocoa seems indicated. Then you can take turns wiping it off each other's faces.
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Add a bit of red food coloring to hot cocoa and it becomes hot blood (works for Halloween also).
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Cornbread, as in 'I guess she don't like the cornbread, either. '
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Eggs! Make cross slits in the tops for the "there's something inside" look.
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Shrimp propped up on toothpicks to look like the little come out of the stomach babies
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Space soup and space special? (skip to around 1:40)
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Soft-shell crabs with their legs still attached (facehuggers).
Rice pudding - for the android guts.
Jelly donuts with little plastic chestbursters coming out? If you could find chestbursters. Or dye some marzipan/fondant pinkey colored and make edible ones yourself.

Advanced: serve soup or curry in a pumpkin decorated to look like an alien egg, or buy large goose eggs (I think Whole Foods may even sell bigger eggs than that, emu eggs?), carefully remove the tops and use them as serving dishes for a pudding or baked custard.
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Extremely hot chili sauce marked "molecular acid"?
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Extremely hot chili sauce marked "molecular acid"?

Drop a watery spoonful on some cotton candy to demonstrate.
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Identify warm canape of your choice.

Prepare ahead of time, but allow to cool before guests arrive.

Place tray of cold canapes on table. Affix sign, with directions to the microwave, that states, "Nuke these bites from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."
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All I've got is Fig Newtons. When they're gone, I guess you could show the opening scene of Alien 3 to commiserate.
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Cornbread is necessary.

Serve a modified brandy alexander (brandy, milk, LIGHT cream de cacao) which you could refer to as android artificial human blood. Ooh! Call it a "bishop".

Make deviled eggs, but open and fill them by cutting and x in the sharp end.
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If you can get your hands on some MRE's, it would fit nicely with the military tone.
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Avocados as the leathery alien eggs, with the top split open and guacamole dip inside
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In How To Play With Your Food by Penn & Teller there is a recipe for a cake (you can see it, it's the red heart on the cover) that includes a blood pouch inside. So when you present the cake and make a big show of slicing it down the middle, it spills out with edible fake blood. The cake itself is made of Jell-O or something similar. All you need is the book and an Aliens-appropriate cake mold.

I couldn't find it with Google, but if you're feeling adventurous in the kitchen, this might give you some ideas.
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I've always liked to do theme parties with textures that match the movie so in that case...

Jello shots - Raspberry
Gooey caramel cookies
Something crunchy and evocative of Alien shells - something that shatters in your mouth hmmm
Rare meat
Goat cheese / brie, Hummus, black olives, black figs matched with extremely crispy rice crackers
An extremely dark black Bete Noire cake
A dark French Roast coffee
Pop Rocks or Nerds (the shattering thing)
Sweet potato Gnocchi (gooey, gluteney and for some reason evocative of biting into soft flesh)
Blood-red, deep, dark Syrah
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