CBT in the T.O.
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Can anyone recommend a mental health professional in the Greater Toronto Area who does CBT?

I've been dealing with depression and anxiety, as well as the fallout related to the recent diagnosis of a learning disability and being on academic suspension from university. Cognitive behavioural therapy has been suggested to me by my psychiatrist and my family doctor, and it's time that I give it a try. I want to start therapy as soon as possible so that I can be in a better headspace when I start school again in several months. If anyone can suggest a practitioner with non-ridiculous waiting lists and hourly fees, that would be wonderful.

If you're not comfortable answering in the thread, please email ineedtofixmylife@gmail.com.
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Dr. Neil Levitsky 416-515-7741
The office is located at Wilson and Bathurst.

If he isn't accepting new patients, he'll add your name to his waiting list and/or suggest an alternative psychiatrist.

Good luck!
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Btw, his fees are covered by OHIP.
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Comment from someone who would prefer to remain anonymous: Linda Gruson: 416-967-0867 . She does do CBT but I don't know about anxiety or depression specifically. You can definitely ask. BTW, I got the referral from my family doctor. If you have a family doctor, they might be a good person to ask for another name if Linda doesn't meet your needs.
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and hourly fees

Treatment by a psychiatrist (that is, an MD) would be 100% covered by OHIP.
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