Help me find a Speakon to regular speaker cable converter!
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I have recently bought a few speakers off of Ebay and didn't realize they are fitted with Speakon connectors. Help me convert them to normal speaker wire outputs!

The guy who sold them to me, from a music store, said they will soon have a converter in stock. But I don't want to wait if I don't have to. Help!
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Speaker wire is low voltage and doesn't carry much current. You can just cut it and join the connectors you want -- but many speakers don't even need connectors on the wire, the wire is just clamped into a spring-loaded socket or wrapped round a thread with a nut screwed down onto the wire.

(Don't cut while it's in use, of course, unless you don't mind frying your amplifier.)
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Don't mess with the speakers. Instead, head down to an electronic store (like radioshack but with more goodies) and purchase male speakon plugs. Then simply attach the plugs to your speaker wire.
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