Looking for Lit. mags that are known for their book reviews.
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Looking for literary magazines that are well-known for their reviews of newly-published poetry, both chapbooks and full-length books.

I am trying to come up with a shortlist of magazines and poetry reviews that will accept a free, unsolicited review copy of a book of poetry that is coming out next month.

If you have (an) easy answer(s) to the question, I will add some narrowing criteria: the work in question is a ~60 page collection of mature poems by an already-published author, past editor of a major periodical, and past and current scholar and professor of philosophy. The poems in question are lyrical reflections on the natural world that have a quiet profundity to them. If we can narrow down the list further with these, great!
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missed it by that much...

i understand that the The Malahat Review is the shit for poetry in canada. went to the reading for the green imagination issue last night where my girlfriend [shameless plug] read beautifully.

but i don't know if they accept submissions from far afield, or if it would be of any interest to you.
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Poetry Magazine obv.

I think Smartish Pace has reviews.

MeFI Mail me more info btw, I enjoy poems.
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The people over at the Alsop Review (a really marvelous poetry workshop site, btw) may know. They have a section called "Publishing Your Work" where you should consider posting your question. There's generally lots of discussion of various lit mags and their practices. Good luck!
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Rain Taxi Review of Books springs to mind.
Also, here is a long list of journals that are members of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.
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If I'm not too late, I like reading reviews in Denver Quarterly, Boston Review, and Octopus.
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