Help me identify all registered domain names containing the string fortruth.
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Is there a way to get a plain text file with all currently registered domain names? Also, is there a way to use whois (from the command line or via a web site) to do partial searches (e.g. whois meta*.com) for large searches (whois seems to cut off after 20 search results)? ( can do this but their db hasn't been updated for 2 years)

Kind of inspired by wanting to find all of "*fortruth.*" because of this comment.
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The whois interface does not have a standard way to pass in regular expressions.
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Another problem is lack of standardization across registrars. Ben Edelman occasionally has interesting articles related to whois research. You do of course realize how massive even a plain text file would be, right?
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posted by Gyan at 1:02 PM on October 24, 2004 rocks but only does com/net/org/info/biz/us wildcards. No country tlds (apart from .us). However, it does two other great things that might not be useful to you but are pretty unique: wildcard searching which includes expired / historical domains, and a kind of reverse IP lookup. Plus it keeps whois history for the last two years.

namedroppers is a pretty speedy wildcard search - but it's only com/net/org/edu.

netcraft indexes more than but I'm never been entirely sure of its range or comprehensiveness or timeliness (for instance, a domain I registered last week appeared in the day after; it's not in netcraft at all yet). Plus, netcraft don't give links to the whois, just the site itself.

As a comparison, for domains containing metafilter: six ( / net / org / info - all of which mirror and are registered to #1, apart from .info (Rogers Cadenhead from Illinois)), plus (dead) and (which redirects to Sporebank, who appear to sell, well - spores.
Netcraft: five - they don't get

There are tools out there - like Mozzle, for instance - which will do live lookups of just about every TLD for a term. However, they don't do wildcard searches. I came across another wildcard domain search last week and now I can't remember it... I'll post it here if I think of it.

Incidentally, is fast and can lookup almost everything (with a handy bookmarklet) but com/net/org lookups are often impossible because it gets banned from the netsol server very regularly. It doesn't do wildcard lookups but if you want to know an obscure TLD, it's a good first start.

If you ever get really stuck on a country TLD, go to IANA's central list here and find the relevant TLD and then their central registry.
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Btw, it seems most useful to search for:
to get the groups.
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