Need a database for event check-in
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I am looking for an easy (and free) database to do event check-in. We normally just cross peoples name off a list but I would like to have faster more real-time way of doing it.

We will be checking in about 900 people. We have access to bar code scanners and can print bar codes on the ID tags to move people along. I'm hoping that I can find a free access database instead of building one my self.
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Do you mean the database itself needs to be free? Try MySQL. But that's just the database... it doesn't get you the user interface, but it's a start.

Then find anyone with any experience with, or even perl or Java. Shouldn't take more than a few hours to design and implement a front end, assuming it to be as bare-bones as you say; i.e. scan in the barcode, set a flag for that person in the database.
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Response by poster: What I am hoping is that there is a pre-built data base. I can build one in Access, I just don't want to spend the time if there is already one out there.
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