Game-name filter: DOS ninjas?
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Idle nostalgic curiosity is driving me crazy - looking for at least the name (at best, a working version) of a late 80s/early 90s DOS (not arcade) 2-d ninja game - very simple, and the most notable characteristic is that the entire game was in uber-simple orange-red-green VGA palette colors against a black background.

It's NOT any of the Ninja Gaiden games or anything else easily Googled up. The graphics were very simple but relatively detailed and professionally done and the game involved platformer-style moving through levels, climbing ladders, throwing shuriken at enemies, etc. It was not a one-on-one fighting game.

More likely than not this was free/shareware.

I know this is a longshot, but there's no better place for longshot answers than here, right?
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"Bruce Lee"? "the Last Ninja"?
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I believe I know the game you are talking about. Did you start out by the sea (at least that's what it said on the screen), collect idols, and moving between floors involved pressing UP beneath square holes in the ceiling?
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My money is on Ninja. The most awesome ninja game ever if only for the inventive title.

Although The Last Ninja was awesome too.
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speeb, that's precisely what I was thinking of. I haven't thought about that game since I was 3 or 4 years old.

Damn you for beating me, I had just gotten back here to post that link :)
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I need to play it. NOW.
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This reminds me of an old game whose name escapes me; maybe it's the same game?

You were a ninja, I think, and you were in some sort of nuclear silo. The purpose was to escape via a motorcycle at the very end, but the game seemed much larger than that, and there were likely many side tasks (since there was, actually, a giant missle in the base, but I could never figure out what for).

Same game?

Anyone have any ideas otherwise?

If not, sorry for the hijack.
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Looked at Ninja and the screenshots on the box here and it's not that one - the graphic are much more colorful than the game I remember.

vernondalhart, I think you've got it! I totally remember the motorcycle escape and the missile silo!!! now if we could just find the name!
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Yay!!! the motorcycle and missile silo clues were all we needed to shake the right answer out of the Googles!!!

The game was called Saboteur.

It seems like my memories may be a conflation of the original (1985) Saboteur and the 1987 sequel, Saboteur II, which is the one with the missile silo.

Thanks all, and especially vernon!
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Is it Saboteur?
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ps. - playable and downloadable here!
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And that means that I win too!
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