Fried livers & gizzards in Houston?
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Where can one find fried chicken livers & gizzards in west Houston?

Growing up, my dad introduced me to fried chicken livers n' gizzards as a perfect redneck finger food/snack food, especially for fishing trips. Buy some raw to use as bait, and another box of em cooked to eat while you fish!

I was able to buy them in high school (southwest Oklahoma) from the deli section of the local grocery store, right next to the egg rolls and stuffed jalapenos, but I've been unable so far to find any in Houston! I've tried Kroger, Fiesta, etc, and have come up empty.

So, where in west Houston (within 5-10 miles of BW8/Westheimer) can I go to buy fried livers and gizzards? Or am I out of luck, and just live in too urban an area?
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Best answer: google gave me this

houston absolutely shouldn't be too urban of an area. much like bbq, your best bet is a roadside shack not a chain grocery store. it also look like a japanese place might get you to the gizzards.
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My co-workers get them here in New Haven at some of the Chinese restaurants. I've never seen them pre-made in the supermarket, though.
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They're easy enough to cook if you have some skills in that area... roll in flour seasoned with salt and pepper; sautee seven or eight minutes in a cast-iron pan with some onions; eat and enjoy!

Love 'em. They actually go really really well with onion rings and I sure am hungry all of a sudden for some reason...
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Many years ago, I used to buy them both at KFC. This was in California.
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Best answer: I've seen gizzards and livers advertised on the sign at this
Church's chicken. Haven't driven by in a couple of weeks, but it may be worth checking.
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Do you still have Pioneer Chicken outlets there? There's one on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood CA that still has buckets of each on the menu.
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I see that they don't show up on the KFC menu on the website, but a KFC in Plainfield, Indiana carries them.
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Is there a Grandy's nearby? Last time I was in one (years ago, admittedly) they had livers and gizzards on the menu.
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Response by poster: I didn't know that Popeye's sold them - there's a location not even a mile from my house, will check it out tonight.
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Church's sometimes has them, it's true. Not every chain, though.
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Response by poster: Went by both Church's and Popeye's today. No luck at either location.
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Bummer. In Kansas City almost all of the Popeye's have them. Must be a regional thing.
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Response by poster: Victory! On a tip from someone on Twitter, I went by Hartz Chicken Buffet and thanks to the drive-thru, now have a big thing of livers n' gizzards in front of me.

nom nom nom
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Response by poster: Another followup - I ran across a Church's Chicken near Bellaire that had "NOW SERVING LIVERS & GIZZARDS" on their sign out front a couple days ago. Of course, I had to stop in and get some.

They're good, but not as good as the ones from Hartz (and were more expensive for less of them).

The Hartz I went to is the one just east of Highway 6 on Westheimer; the Hartz on Voss does not have livers & gizzards.
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