Shooting Pool in Lake Havasu City, Vegas
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I want to shoot some pool in Lake Havasu City, AZ, and in Vegas. But I'd like to go to the nicest place possible, in both locales. Recommendations?

I'm going on a trip in Feb. that'll take me through Las Vegas (twice) to Lake Havasu City, AZ.

I love to shoot pool. But I hate hanging around in smoky, run-down bars. (Yes, I know that Vegas is smoky, but is there a nice place with lots of nice tables, at least?)

Are there well-maintained pool joints in either city that I can have a nice meal in and shoot a few racks?

(And would anyone be interested in a meetup built around this idea?)
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Mickey's Cues and Brews is technically in Henderson (rather than Vegas, but if you're driving it'll be no problem), and gets good reviews. I can vouch that it's in a newer area and should be nice.

I don't know about food at Mickey's but there's a fondue place in the area I've always wanted to try, and I'm sure other close-by options.

There's also Pool Sharks on S. Decatur (avoid the swimming pool co by the same name when searching), which is older, and I've been to years ago. It may or may not be divey by now.

Avoid Cue Club.

(Poss. meetup interest: yes)
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