Burly Guy Baby-Talking His Cat
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I'm looking for a video of a commercial I saw a few years ago. I can't even remember what product it was pushing. But it features a big burly guy, laying on the floor on his back, baby talking to his kitty. Saying something like,"WHO's got the pretty little mustache? Who's the mustache man?... Is it YOU?! Is it YOU!?!" He's discovered in this compromising pose by his macho buddies. Any ideas??
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It sounds like a Milwaukee's Best Lite commercial. Possibly the second one in this?
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I know exactly what you're talking about--it was hilarious. Like, "who's got a furry face, is it you, is it you?" Unfortunately I can't remember the product the commercial was selling. It's not in that bunch of Milwaukee's Best commercials. I feel like the intent of the commercial wasn't macho/beer related? More about being caught doing something totally unexpected of you and therefore embarrassing. AARRGH. If I remember the ad I'll post again!
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It's not exactly what you're looking for, but if you want tattooed bikers rescuing tiny kittens, those are right here.
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Was it a Southwest Airlines "wanna get away?" commercial?
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My husband seems to remember it being followed up by "that's not natural". He thinks it might be oak express (I don't think it is). This question is tailor made for him, because he does it all the time to the cats. Was this a local commercial, or something nation-wide?
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Response by poster: Great tries, everybody...but NO!! Not the Milwaukee Lite commercial. It was definitely a national distribution thing. Boy am I glad SOMEbody else saw the thing. I have YouTubed my fingers to the bone and Googled my goggles off, to no avail. Keep those suggestions comin'!
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I read online that this might be from a cat food commercial, if that helps.

ps. mickeefynn is my wife :)
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