The Cost to Play Pong?
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Arcade filter: How much did it cost to play the original Pong?

How much did it cost to play the original Pong arcade machine back in the early 70s, United States?

Did you get a certain amount of "lives" per coins inserted?
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25 cents per game
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As I recall, it was one "game", whomever reached the target score first won.
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Thanks guys
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I saw my first Pong game in a Shakey's Pizza Parlor in SoCal around 1973. It had replaced my favorite pinball machine, but in about 3 seconds I had forgotten all about pinball.

It cost 25 cents to play a two-person game. That was a fortune in those days. I worked like I'd never worked before (chores, yard work, dog-walking) to acquire those precious, precious quarters.

Good times.
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Related is a great story from the early days of Atari:

The system was tested initially in a small bar in Grass Valley, California and Andy Capp's Tavern, a bar in Sunnyvale, California. After only one day, the game's popularity had grown to the point where people lined up outside Andy Capp's waiting for it to open.

After a while, the unit broke down, and the bar's owner called Al Alcorn at home to have him remove the game. When he opened the unit he discovered the problem - the milk carton placed inside to catch the coins was overflowing with quarters, causing the coin switch to become jammed.

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It was indeed a quarter. I would go to the bank and trade in paper money for rolls of quarters, and feed them into the Pong machine in the entryway of the Arlan's department store in Dearborn, Michigan.

(Yes I know it's already been answered, but how often do I get the chance to share my Pong story?)

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nthing $.25 (Canadian!)....the machine was in the hallway that separated the Miracle Mart strore from Pascal's hardware was enthralling.
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1 Moroccan Dirham, back in the day when my father took me with him to the café.
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(Pong's entry at
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The arcade staff raised me part time, so couldn't help but chime in "one wonderful quarter".
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I'm a little intrigued by how much other countries had to pay. If you lived outside of the US during the 70s, feel free to chime in the amount you had to pay to play Pong.
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$0.20 aussie cents
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