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I'll be in the Columbus, OH area this weekend visiting a friend and may have a few hours to myself...

I am visiting a college friend who lives near Delaware (about a half hour north). She has to work from 4-about 10 p.m. and I will likely be alone during that time. I may just go to Polaris Mall to kill a few hours, but was wondering if anyone had any better ideas of somewhere to go/do solo nearby?
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That's a perfect amount of time to go check out the Andy Warhol show at the Wexner Center, on the OSU campus.
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Mrs. Ricketts lost herself at the Book Loft while I was nerding it up at Origins. While at Origins, I always (but never made time for) wanted to visit the Santa Maria replica. I'm a sucker for old sailing ships though.
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While you are down on campus, you can check Used Kids, a nice little used record store (right across the street from Wexner.
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Actually, Johnny Go's is the record store right across from Wexner. Used Kids is a block down. Used Kids has more used records, but Johnny's has a really nice selection, too.
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Also, for killing time, the North Market is a great place to wander around and get some food. Nearby, Zen Cha is a great place to get some amazing tea and just relax. There's lots of great shops nearby, but it's probably too cold to do much wandering around.
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Those are all great suggestions! I'll have to check some of them out!
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Easton is a good time killer if you're in the mood for shopping. And if, like me, you don't live near a Trader's Joes, you can stock up while you're there!
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If you're in the mood for a bookstore, try the Village Bookstore in Linworth - lots closer to where you're staying, and a better selection. (IMO)

[The link has info on lots of other cool things, too...]
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And don't forget to grab a bite to eat at either the Blue Danube or Hound Dog's pizza.
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Oh, and Flower Child is a great retro/antique shop that is a lot of fun.
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I would like to strongly encourage the Book Loft as well - it's a marvel the way every time we go we find a new secret room that you didn't see before. I've lost friends and my spouse in there it's so big, so going alone without a time limit is perfect. In the same neighborhood is a delicious deli - - and a fairly swanky but tasty bakery -

I also recommend to each and every person that goes to Columbus - go to Jeni's for ice cream. I don't care how cold it is - you'll want to try their ice cream.
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Book Loft! Book Loft! Book Loft!
'nuff said
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I definitely second the Jeni's idea. Last time I was in Columbus, she had a little stall in the North Market, so it's right there for you should you go to NM. And yeah, Book Loft - that place is a book lover's dream.
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Seconding the North Market and Jeni's Ice Cream (there's one right there in the North Market for you). I'm also a fan of the Surly Girl Saloon for some grub.
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nth-ing Used Kids, Jeni's, The Blue Danube (aka "The Dube") and the Wexner Center. Also, Magnolia Thunderpussy (cool record store) and Japanese Oriental Restaurant (good Japanese and Korean). All on High Street.
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A lot of great suggestions so far. I would recommend Easton if it warms up a little bit. It's a big outdoor mall, which is great when it's not -5 outside. If you're a Buckeye fan, you could always cruise around OSU's campus and the Short North area.
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My mom lives down the street from the Polaris Mall. Skip it and go downtown.

Check out Jeni's Ice Cream and the Book Loft, if you do nothing else.

The City Center mall downtown is resplendently empty. A site to behold and it's closing in early March forever.
Have a heart attack and listen to wicked accordion/tuba music at Schmidt's Sausage Haus.
Go to the Perkins Observatory after dark to look at cool things in the sky.
Build a time machine and eat at the Kahiki.
Go to the Olentangy Indian Caverns.
If you're up for a road trip, you can find some of the underground railroad homes that are still standing or other historically significant sites, some of which were built two thousand years ago.
Delaware has some cool things to do downtown, as well, since it's a college town too.

For more information, look around at
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