Can anyone help me identify this artist?
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A while back someone showed me a rather graphic collection of paintings. Many included depictions of Hitler alongside piles of bodies, erect penises, and cartoonish figures gleefully engaging in coprophagy. Anyone have any idea who the artist might have been?
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Jake and Dinos Chapman perhaps?
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could be Gee Vaucher, could be Joe Coleman, could be...

this sort of Bosch inspired apocalypse has been done many times. Can you describe a bit more about this? Was this in a magazine, album cover, online? What sort of color, if any?
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Thanks for the answers so far. I saw them in a published compilation of works by this person. The details are sketchy, but I remember that many of the paintings had figures resembling Mickey Mouse doing unspeakable things with various (very masochistic-looking) people. The colors were very diverse and vivid, but unfortunately I can't be much more descriptive.
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This sounds like a pile of punk album art, zines, flyers. Try Robert Williams, Frank Kozik, Jello Biafra... maybe post the question on a Juxtapoz forum or related.
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Blalla Hallmann
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