How can you send an e-mail while you're out?
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Is there an easy way to arrange to send an e-mail at a particular time while I am away from my computer?

For work, five days a week, I need to send an e-mail every day between 8 and 10 PM. It's kind of a pain if I want to see a movie or a play or something. It's not difficult to write it in advance, but I cannot send it until after 8 if I do so.

I use gmail, from either Windows Internet Explorer or Mozilla, on a Windows XP system. Is there an easy way (and it needs to be very simple; I'm a bit of a Luddite, and do not even know if this is a no-brainer question or a complicated one) to set up an e-mail so that it will be sent automatically at a particular later time? It needs to be automatic, rather than through clever use of a cell phone or some such.
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Have your looked at
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LetterMeLater (which is the first Google result for "send scheduled mail").
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maybe a scheduled task via the Windows built in task scheduler, which runs a batch file, which sends the message via the mailto:// protocol?

Or, and this is a bit of a pain, but you could set up a client like thunderbird. In there, you can change the send/receive settings to only send/receive every x minutes, and to NOT send immediately. Set the delay to whatever you need, compose the message and hit send. It should then wait to do the send/receive until the appropriate time.
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If you are willing to use Outlook, it can do this. But then you'd be using Outlook.
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you could also try the 'sendlater' and 'sendtools' add ons for Thunderbird.
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Maybe you should use thunderbird with SendTools extension. You can send an email at a particular time.
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Thirding TBird + SendTools.
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Sendtools isn't compatible with Thunderbird 2.x.
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RE: Sendtools isn't compatible with Thunderbird 2.x.

Please check all the comments on the Reviews for SendTools page.

This is a matter of changing the 'maxversion' in the install.rdf

That is, if you so choose to pursue this solution.
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