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Does anyone know of a wireless packet sniffer for Linux that shows pictures and only pictures?

A while back, while testing LiveCD based auditing Linux distros, I ran into an interesting F/OSS package which would go promiscuous, packet sniff, capture and display only graphics files being sent over the wireless LAN. It kept the packet and all other information invisible and would, if I recall correctly, just display each captured picture as an overlay on an evergrowing collage.

Unfortunately, I no longer have that CD available, and for the life of me, I can neither remember the name of the application or actually find anything on Google about it that rings a bell.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Best answer: driftnet is an example. See also: webcollage, also mentioned there. EtherPEG is the Mac version that started it all.
posted by kcm at 8:18 PM on January 15, 2009

Carnivore, by RSG will also do this. And it's damn sexy to boot.
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A professor I know keeps threatening to run this in class during his lectures.... Oh, the twitter icons and facebook images he'll see.
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hmm.. can't seem to get them working. CarnivorePE doesn't seem to have any functional clients, as far as i can tell. As far as I can tell, the php client produces nearly unintelligible gibberish.
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Response by poster: Driftnet appears to be the client. Now off to test.
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Not to threadjack, but yeah, CarnivorePE clients seem to be missing. I'll see if I can find a few that are on an external drive over here... It *used* to be cool, I swear!
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Response by poster: I will say that Driftnet ended up to be the tool I was looking for, but I am intrigued to see where CarnivorePE goes.

Cheers for all the info!
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