What was the movie, and did the woman escape?
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Can you identify this scene from a horror (?) movie? Unpalatable description within.

Looking for the source of a scene in which a woman is being assaulted by two men (maybe more). Possibly in a field or a deserted parking lot. The men have quite a lot of blood on their hands, which in turn attracts some vicious dogs. I think the woman escapes while the dogs are mauling the men, but maybe not. This would have to be a movie that appeared on cable circa 1984-85, so nothing more recent than that.

This scene has stuck in my mind for years. As a kid, late at night I would often sneak halfway down the stairs and sit there, watching parts of my parents' movies from a distance. This scene in particular really horrified me. I would really like to know what movie it was, so I can put the nagging memory to rest.

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Err, sorry, forgot to give my guess, which is Dogs. Because of the dogs.
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The Howling?
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If you remember Albert Finney as a disheveled cop and Gregory Hines as an eccentric medical examiner, then KokoRyu's got it: The Howling. Great great book. Not so great movie.

Of course, how could Finney ever top his performance in "Looker"? ;)
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I wish I had any memory of this movie other than that one scene -- it would make identifying it a little easier! :) Unfortunately I can't recall any specific actors or any other details, really. Hope someone knows the scene I am talking about!
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Was it Straw Dogs by any chance?
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Albert Finney and Gregory Hines is actually Wolfen (and I happen to like the movie), but I don't think that's the answer (and I'll have to find a copy of the book).
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I Spit On Your Grave? Embarrassed that I actually saw it, but is was "for art."
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Well, I can help by saying that it's definitely not Wolfen, The Howling, or I Spit on Your Grave. I'm very familiar with those three, but the discription rings no bells.
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Humongous has an attacked woman being saved by a killer dog, but she's only being attacked by one man. It's a 1982 horror movie, which makes it a good bet for 1984 late-night cable.
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steef: Oh, damn I got 'em confused. The Howling has the newswoman turning into a werewolf on the air during a broadcast and no one believes it was real.
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