Brunch in Old Town, Alexandria
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Sunday brunch in Old Town Alexandria, VA?

Looking for a good restaurant that does Sunday brunch in Old Town, Alexandria, Va. Help me find a great place!
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Is Bullfeathers still around? I can't vouch for them as a grown-up, but I do have fond memories of their French toast from my childhood. Big, thick, cooked well, and slathered in cinnamon, butter and syrup.

Seem to recall they also had a nice bloody Mary bar, but of course I was too young to utilize it.
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When I was last up there, I enjoyed the Sunday brunch at the Royal Restaurant, on St. Asaph Street. It seems to be more of a neighborhood diner than a nice restaurant, though, so I don't know if that will work for you. My brother and his wife, who live up there, swear by it.
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Bilbo Baggins might be good. Look at their brunch menu (pdf).
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I haven't made it for brunch yet, but I have had two very nice dinners at Farrah Olivia.
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Argh, b0rked the link. Try this.
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Bread and Chocolate is right on King Street and is super delicious.

Also, according to this, there are many, many others.
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If you like southern food, Southside 815 is awesome.
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Second on Southside 815 and putting forth Chadwicks. Yummy french toast and eggs benedict!
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Taverna Cretekou used to do a Sunday brunch that I remember having pretty good food, but it was a lively and fun atmosphere. I think they had some live, Greek music. You may want to call and confirm they still have a designated brunch if this interests you. I couldn't find it mentioned on their website.

Evening Star Cafe is not Old Town, but is pretty close by and is tight.
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Southside's brunch is awesome, but I am really sensitive to "bar smell" and I think there was definitely a lingering trace of it.

I second Evening Star Cafe but I am a huge sucker for anything pancakey/waffley with pecans.
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Seconding Bilbo Baggins!
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I will third Bilbo Baggins, although I've never eaten there (a bunch of friends have, though, and like it). To me, you say "Old Town Alexandria" and "Sunday brunch," that's what I think of.
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