Presque Isle Vacation Rentals!
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Can anyone recommend a resource for locating pet-friendly cabins/cottages/houses/etc for vacation rental near Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie? I've been searching and searching to no avail! Failing that, does anyone have recommendations for a similar vacation location within easy driving distance from Pittsburgh that might have places like this for rent?

My parents want to rent a cabin for an old fashioned family vacation this year. We have 5 people and 2 small dogs that we're really not willing to board. I think it's the pet situation that's making the search most difficult. Any time I find a place that's near where we are looking for, inevitably they don't accept pets. We would certainly be willing to pay a reasonably priced pet fee or deposit for this luxury.

I absolutely fell in love with Presque Isle (and its beaches - I vastly prefer them to the Atlantic Ocean) last time we visited. I was hoping that I could find a place for my parents to rent near the state park, but it's proving to be absolutely impossible. It also seems like these places are rented largely by word of mouth. Do any locals have advice about how to find a place to rent near Presque Isle State Park? We would really much prefer to rent a house/cabin situation over the typical hotel.

Also, do you have experience with a similar place, like Lake Conneaut? Recommendations for other lake-y places about the same distance away would be absolutely welcome. We've lived here for a few years now, but we certainly don't have the knowledge of a born and raised local about places within driving distance. Thanks!
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I looked and looked for cabin rentals in PA and ended up in Ohio in the Hocking Hills. We weren't looking for a lake, just a nice cabin near some natural areas. There seem to be tons of cabins in the area, many that allow for pets. We stayed here -- and I'd recommend it. Here's a Post-Gazette article about the Hocking Hills.

I just looked at the Ohio State Parks and found this place that you might like. It's a little farther from PGH than Presque Isle, but it might fit the bill.
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Call a pet or feed store in the area and see if they know anything?

Call the park and see if they know?
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Here is one that allows pets with a fee.
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Response by poster: Sorry it has taken me a couple days to update the thread! I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only person who can't find a place like this near Presque Isle. It is so incredibly strange to me! The park seems like a beautiful natural resource that people in the surrounding areas would like to take advantage of. I know I certainly do. I'm still not 100% sure that I've found a place that will work for all my criteria, but I do appreciate all of your suggestions. There are some good leads here. Also, I'll post a couple places that I did find in the area for future vacation seekers, though not all are pet friendly.

The Pines

The Inn at Presque Isle

Swanson's Resort

Obviously, I can't vouch for any of these personally, but if I do visit one I will try to post an update.
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