Help me un-display my address on google/
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When I google my own name the first entry is from which is displaying my address and phone number (I have a landline). I don't want it displayed!!!! How do I get rid of it??
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Call your phone company and request a non-published number. There may be an additional monthly charge.
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Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Privacy" link. That tells you how to remove it from

If you want to make sure it's impossible for this to happen again, get an unlisted number.
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They usually charge you to have an unlisted number, so you can use someone else's name- I've used Samantha Jones. I'd get calls for her, but she was never home.
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Response by poster: How can I use someone else's name when its my phone company and I get billed for the phone in anycase?
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Just tell them that you're listing it under your brother/uncle/sister/cousin's name.
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is listing it under "J. Doe" out of the question? Why does it have to be your first name?
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It might depend on the laws of your state, but I think you are allowed to put anything down as your name in the directory listing. Plenty of people use just their initials.

And yeah, if privacy is important, get an unlisted number. Remember, your phone number and address aren't private. They're not even yours- the phone company owns the phone number, and the address is the post office or the municipality you live in.
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