What should I do in NYC for My 30th birthday party?
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I have a 30th birthday coming up in NYC and I'm trying to think of some fun restaurants, places to go (i.e. bowling, paintball, karaoke), and or things to do. I'd like for a group of us to be able to eat and do something (like bowl) at the same time then we'd all go out to a bar afterward. Anyone have any fun restaurant or party place suggestions in NYC? btw, not interested in bowling or karaoke suggestions
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Dave and Buster's? Adult arcade/dinner place with booze.
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Chelsea Piers? Minus the bowling alley.
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Response by poster: Yeah not too into adult arcades...kind of antisocial...Chelsea piers might be good. They have batting cages and golf right?
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What if you and your friends take a cooking class together? Cooking classes are fun. You get to talk, play with sharp objects, drink wine, and have dinner. Check with Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table, and sometimes Whole Foods.
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Maybe the virtual golf at Chelsea Piers? You can reserve them, and it's kind of like real golf, but on a video screen, and they will deliver drinks/food from the tavern downstairs.

Also, Dave and Buster's has a bunch of those very large racing games, where you can play 8 at a time, they have some trivia games with 4people at a time can compete, etc. And an entirely separate area with seating for dinner. So it's not completely anti-social. :-)
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For my 30th, I went with a bunch of friends to Odessa in Brighton Beach. It's a bit more expensive than you may have in mind, but it's a total blast- it's a multi-course Russian/French meal (served family style) followed by an elaborate floor show and dancing.
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Response by poster: Cooking classes would be great but I think there's going to be about 10-15 people. Not sure everyone would be down with that.
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They have the driving range at Chelsea Piers which I have used and really like.
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Response by poster: Ok, you're the third person to mention Chelsea Piers...other thoughts/suggestions?
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Three of Cups? Nice Italian restaurant upstairs, somewhat trendy/rundown lounge in the basement.

Brandy Library... and do a whiskey tasting?

Moore Brothers... and do a wine tasting?

Rockefeller Center... go ice skating after food?
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Response by poster: Thank you for all of your great suggestions. I'm going to keep the Moore Brothers and Cooking classes in mind. Those sound great. I've decided to have a birthday dinner at Hecho en DUMBO mexican restaurant and then move over to Rebar for the after party. Thanks again for your ideas! They were all great :)
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Daisy May's BBQ

I always wanted to go there on my birthday -- hope there are no vegetarians your group.
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