Football Movie Team Trivia
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Fantasy football -- movie edition! I'm looking for portrayals of football teams in the movies, both real and imaginary teams, as many examples as possible.

Suggestions of great football movies are welcome, but I really need to know the team names as well. This is for a trivia game. Can you help?
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The Little Giants.
posted by po822000 at 7:47 AM on January 14, 2009

Central High Wildcats
posted by JaredSeth at 7:51 AM on January 14, 2009

The Mean Machine from The Longest Yard - the good one with Burt Reynolds.
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The Any Given Sunday wikipedia entry lists a ton.
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Here's a list of football movies. I don't have time to start right now, but people can try to fill in team names from there.
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Quarterback Princess, with Academy Award® winner Helen Hunt
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There was a series on HBO in the 80's called "1st and 10", featuring the fictional California Bulls.
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Great sites with tons of helmets from TV/film (via Wikipedia): Link 1, Link 2
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Are we talking American football?
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Are we talking American football?

Good point. If not, the POWs and the German National Team from Victory.
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Assuming we are talking about American football, I see that We Are Marshall is not on that list from Wikipedia.
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Paper Lion (1968) is a must-see. Sportswriter George Plimpton poses as a rookie quarterback for the Detroit Lions for a "Sports Illustrated" article.
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Jim Thorpe - All American. Thorpe played college ball for Carlisle.

(Oh, and my previous links were all fake teams.)
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The Last Boy Scout is not on the wiki list either. It features a team called the LA Stallions, possibly amongst others.

Wait! I just followed a link from the Last Boy Scout Wiki page, and got this link to MG's Helmets, which includes artwork for fictional teams from movies and TV.
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Brian's Song featured the Chicago Bears. And it makes guys cry. But it's not so much a football movie.
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gimme an S
gimme an E
gimme an N
gimme a T
gimme a.......
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There's a team I think is called the Dallas Bulls in "North Dallas Forty" a '70's movie about pro football starring Nick Nolte and Mac Davis.
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Philiadelphia Eagles in Invincible
Notre Dame in Rudy
Remember the Titans
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Thanks, stubby phillips. For one reason or another I love "The Replacements."
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North Dallas Forty features the Cowboysesque North Dallas Bulls.
Semi-Tough features the fictional Miami Bucks.
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Knute Rockne All American : Notre Dame

The Long Gray Line: United States Military Academy (Army/West Point)
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Perhaps the funniest of all...MASH.
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Flash Gordon, in the 1980 movie, is the quarterback for the New York Jets.
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In Sorority Boys, there is a powder-puff game between the Delta Omicron Gamma sorority and the "Tri Pi" sorority. Does this count?

(My 100th askmefi answer! Hooray!)
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Based on the OP's profile, I'm guessing it's American football. Why do I get the feeling World War III will be started based on a deadly misinterpretation regarding "football"?

Disney's "Gus" from 1976 featured the California Atoms.

I seem to recall it being on the channel formerly known as the Disney Channel in the '80s, but with a longer title like "The Football-Kicking Mule/Donkey." But that's not why you called.
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Oh, and I'm sorta surprised that no one mentioned the recent "Leatherheads" (even if no one saw it). Apparently the team there was the Duluth Bulldogs.

There was also the also-recent "The Longshots," which featured the Minden Browns, a Pop Warner team.
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The Texas State Armadillos from Necessary Roughness.

At the time, Texas State was a fictional school, but there is now a TSU-San Marcos...though no other schools in the Texas State system have the phrase "Texas State University" in their name -- but that's a different topic.

And has no one mentioned the South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs from The Waterboy?
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