Deaths is USA Sports Riots?
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Before the recent death in Boston, has anyone been killed in a US based sports "riot"?
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1881 St. Louis Browns game - 2 deaths
1984 World Series (Detroit) - 1 death
1990 NBA Champoinship (Detroit) - 7 deaths
2004 Syrian Football (soccer) match - 14 deaths

With a little Google-fu, more will be had. Including but not limited to a hockey dad beating another to death. It's not as uncommon as it seems, unfortunately.

This article on fan violence is a great historical and causal analysis.
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Should be interesting to see what happens with the "less than leathal" weapondry that was used.
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This was the incident at the Patriots celebration that led to the changing of commissioners to Kathleen O'Toole. This book is also a good read about sports violence and crowd theory.
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