I need a list of mountains in Costa Rica and their elevations...
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What's the average elevation of all mountains in Costa Rica over 1,000 meters?

What's the average elevation of all mountains in Costa Rica over 2,000 meters? Is there a list of mountains and their elevations in Costa Rica so I could easily break this data down?
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http://www.peakbagger.com/ is a good place to start.
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This might suffice: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mountains_by_elevation.
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I would not trust the Wikipedia list to be comprehensive.
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Isn't this a fundamentally flawed concept? The choice of the lower limit for the group will completely affect the average.
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I think it's almost impossible to do definitively. It all depends on at what point you decide something is a separate peak in its own right and not a subset of a larger peak. Average elevation of land over 2000m might be a more doable and less arbitrary statistic.
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If you don't find a list, but have a (set of) topographical map(s), you can just count the contours that make empty circles.
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