What should I do with my broken camera?
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I've got a Canon Powershot SD850 IS. It doesn't work. (I already asked Canon and tried fixing it, so don't tell me to try again.) What should I do with the parts?

It's got a perfectly working LCD screen, the lens mechanism works. every part of it works individually as far as i know. What cool thing could i do with non-functional camera? I can take it apart and solder and all that joy, but what should i make out of it? Artsy or technical suggestions are welcome!
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I'd eBay it as is. Someone might want the parts.
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Although I imagine you're looking for slightly less practical suggestions, here's one.

Canon has a rather awesome Customer Loyalty Program. Your camera can be traded in for a refurbished G9 or Rebel SLR. I suspect there will soon be an even better deal since the program has remained static for a long time.
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Yeah, I was about to mention the loyalty program. Frankly, it rocks. (the idea, anyway...haven't tried to use it yet for my First Dynasty-era s500.)
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It doesn't work.

Every part of it works individually as far as I know."

What is it that doesn't work about it?
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Sell the parts on ebay. I just bought a lens mechanism for an SD750 last night. It probably won't raise much money, but you'll help others fix their 850s.

Maybe you've got the battery charger, battery, lens mechanism and LCD. Those are all valuable.

Does playback work? Would it work as a portable photo frame? I've watched part of a movie on mine, but that demands a pretty big memory card.
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musicinmybrain, i've tested every part individually as best as i can. The lens moves, the LCD works, the flash goes off. all of them work until i put them all back in the camera. then something goes wrong and the thing is completely unresponsive! Sorry about that. you're right.those two statements were quite contrary.
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