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Looking for the best Spanish audio course that can be used while commuting and completed in a couple months. Only needs to cover the most useful material for travelling.
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When my Spanish was nonexistent (now it's merely horrible), I found that Michael Thomas's audiobooks were far and away the best in terms of getting useful and well-pronounced language into my brain, followed distantly by Pimsleur's Learning Spanish series (1-2-3 for basics).

But that said, I never have found anything that works well but does NOT require complete attention. Commuting? I would not try.
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I listened to the Pimsleur Spanish course while commuting over the course of a few months. I didn't complete the course, but in a short amount of time, I was able to converse in simple conversations with Spanish-speaking coworkers. It was good, basic conversational stuff but included some things that would be useful for travel such as terms you would need to know if you got lost and had to navigate around streets.

Check your local library - my library provided free logins to netlibrary.com and you can download the Pimsleur courses for free there. I thought that was pretty cool. The library may also have other resources for you to draw from.

I know I've mentioned netlibrary.com over and over again on MeFi but I am not affiliated with them. I just think it's really neat that you can get a lot of high quality audiobooks for free through your local library...if not through netlibrary, then probably some other service.
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