Looking for armchairs in all the wrong places.
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Where in Los Angeles can I find a chair sort of like the one on this page for under $1000?

It doesn't have to be new or exactly like that. I'm prepared to reupholster and paint it if I need to... It's mainly the shape I'm after. (Yes, I check eBay and Craigslist.) Can you suggest a store to check out? I live in Burbank, but for the right chair, I'm willing to leave the valley. I've also checked online, but it seems like most of the chairs I like are located in the UK. Bah!
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Mortis & Tenon on La Brea has a lot of furniture in that style. I'd take a picture with you, wherever you go; many places have catalogs from their suppliers and can work to find you exactly what you want.
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Williams-Sonoma has a wing chair that's somewhat similar, but depending on your preferred upholstery, it's either a little or a lot out your price range.
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If you're willing to dig, and don't mind a used chair (I assume you don't, since you're willing to re-upholster), I would suggest Wertz Brothers.

I actually have two chairs that my ex-boyfriend bought that are in that shape, they're from the 30s, were in excellent condition, and he got them both for $100 from a consignment shop. I believe it was a shop around the Helm's Bakery District, another excellent place to hunt.
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Response by poster: Thanks for these, guys! I think I've even been to the Helm's Bakery District, though I was once there shopping with someone who had an unrealistically-low budget, so I got it into my head that everything over there was too expensive. I need to give it another chance, now that I'm just looking for me.
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