Where can I find DVD sleeves in Sydney city?
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Seeking DVD sleeves in the Sydney CBD area - anywhere I can buy inexpensively and in bulk?

I'm seeking to throw out all of the cases that came with my DVDs and replace them with thin sleeves to save room. We have approximately 450 DVDs so I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive option per piece. I have tried DVD books but I find them a bit bulky.

If there is something like this that I could pick up in the Sydney CBD (eg a stationery store, $2 store, Officeworks etc) that would be ideal. I haven't been ordering things online from the US of late as I usually do due to the poor state of the dollar.
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Best answer: What do you mean by "thin sleeves" -- not hard cases? Flexible plastic see-though ones? I buy them from MSY, near UTS, and they're very cheap indeed. See their (hideous) price list via their (even more hideous) website.


It appears to say you can get 600 for $24.

But bear in mind very cheap storage options may not be good long-term storage options.
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Not sure if this (DSE Slim CD Coloured Cases 25Pk) matches your expections of price ? I make it roughly AUD180 for 450 discs.

On preview AmbroseChapel has a much better price but at least you now have two options.
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Response by poster: Just to be clearer, what I ideally want is Poly sleeves

Archival quality not required (as someone who deals with archiving at times, pains me to say!)
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Hmmm... never seen them before. PCX seem to have something like that, though.

(Link may not work - I'm getting inconsistent results linking directly to the page; it often doesn't show the plastic ones! Try searching for "sleeve" or "cello" if you can't see them there.)

Not CBD, but they're just off the M2 in North Ryde.
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