Xbox streams songs in alphabetical order.
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How do I get my Xbox 360 to stream songs in the right order?

The songs are all on a NAS (a DLink DNS-321). The Xbox sees the NAS, and streams music from it, however songs are played in alphabetical order instead of album order.

Unless there's a super-easy way to rename a gazillion songs to start with track numbers, I'd prefer not to go down that route.
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Media Monkey actually does provide a super easy way to rename a zillion files based on their ID3 tags.

I've used it when I had songs that had correct file names but no ID3 tags, and you can batch edit to write the other way as well.
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I actually use and love Media Monkey, I am a lifetime gold subscriber, I swear by it. But I have the same problem as the op and my tags and file names are pretty immaculate and all my file names are actually ## - song name but xbox still sees it in alphabetical order. The only solution I have so far is to add tracks to a playlist in the order you want, which is a pretty crappy solution. If anyone knows better I would love to see an answer.
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