What Strange Kissing Disease have I caught?
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StrangeDiseaseFilter: After playing tonsil hockey with a girl a few days ago, I began to notice that my nose and throat was, to put it mildly, fouling up. She kindly informed me that she had the same problem when she was kissing me, but that it wasn't really going away. The strange thing is that there is no soreness or signs of swelling anywhere, just a slight dryness and a really foul smell. It bothers me, and I can only imagine what it does for those around me. Can anybody shed light on what I might have contracted?
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Have any white patches on your tongue or in your throat? The only thing this brings to mind is oral thrush, AKA a yeast infection. IANAD- see your doctor! (And if your girlie has the same symptoms, she needs to see her doctor, too. You can pass yeast infections back and forth ad infinitum.)
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Sounds like the non specific viral infection (as my doctor said when I presented similiar symptoms last spring) but I'd hasten ye nose and throat to the doctor to get checked out.
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Sir, it appears you have a case of The Cooties.
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Great, just when I've missed my appointment for registering with a new GP.
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She kindly informed me that she had the same problem when she was kissing me

Yikes! She knew and didn't disclose? I'd make her get STD testing before I touched her again. Clearly, she can't be relied upon for her honesty.
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Actually the jury's still out on whether oral candidaisis (thrush) can be transmitted from person to person...some research says yes, some no, my doctor friends say no.

Like a vaginal yeast infection, thrush is an overgrowth of one's own normally present yeast - vaginal yeast infections are NOT transmitted from person to person. Yeast infections can be associated with sex b/c both the mechanics of intercourse itself and semen can upset the natural ph balance of the vagina and cause a yeast overgrowth, but people do not pass them to each other. With thrush, it's the same deal - something threw off your own natural ph balance (the girl's saliva, her cold germs, mouthwash, whatever) and caused your own yeast to go out of whack.

Thrush can also be a sign of a more serious autoimmune disorder so it can't hurt to get it checked out.
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Bacterial halitosis is contagious - I discovered this from taking care of homeless people in the hospital. Really filthy, ill-taken-care-of homeless people whose teeth were rotting in their head, in some cases. You don't have to kiss them - just having them cough right into your face is more than adequate.

A long session of brushing, followed by careful work with ribbon dental floss and a good 30 sec rinse/gargle with Listerine, clears it right up.
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