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What is the right course/night class/learning path, to take right now?

Some background info.

Im 23 and I have a 'safe' job (or mostly safe, I work for a department of the British infostructure similar to the NHS etc) and my contract doesnt come into question untill December this year (but it has been verbalised that I will be "fought for tooth and nail"). I earn a great wage for someone my age and have some spare cash (after ISA's and savings) and miss learning.

So my question is...what should I learn? I have a degree in English Lit though I would love something more practical, especially bearing in mind the difficult times ahead. What would make me, even more indispensible. Not particularly about my job, although I wouldnt rule it out per-se (i work in security and facilities at an entry level ). Im open to anything and in the UK. Im also interested in options similar to the OU.

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Project management always seems to be in demand.
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If you want to be learn something practical, that will make you indispensable, learn a trade. Or... could you learn a language and take your skills to a similar position in a foreign country - somewhere in the EU?
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Definitely start learning a language! It's good mental stimulation at any age, but it also could be a big plus for your career later on, no matter where life takes you. Plus, language classes can be a lot of fun.

I wish I could go back & tell my 23 year old self, just out of college, to take some Spanish classes...
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