Fastest way to upload and share images?
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What's the fastest way to upload and share images?

I share images so frequently that I wonder if I could cut down my workflow to save time. Currently I use The usual workflow is:

1. Save image to local drive if the image is from a web page
2. Go to ImageHost, sometimes having to open the browser if it was closed (e.g. during gaming I close background apps)
3. Browse, upload
4. Copy/paste ImageHost link to wherever

I tried a Firefox plugin for ImageShack but wasn't all that impressed. It seemed like just as much work.

Is there an easier way, or am I at the limits of efficiency? Typically I'm sharing either a screenshot from my system or I want a more permanent location I can link to for a fleeting image on reddit/4chan/whatever that might disappear soon from expiration or the "Slashdot effect".

I'd prefer a solution that doesn't involve signing up with a website, if possible.
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I use Grabup. It's a screenshot util that allows you to grab a part of your screen, and it auto-uploads and puts the URL in your clipboard automatically.

So you would:

A) Find image you want to share
B) Grab it using Grabup (Command-Shift-4)
C) Paste the URL.
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Like this!
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nitsuj, that looks really cool. Unfortunately: "You must be running OS X. Sorry all you crazy windows and linux weirdos." I'm a Windows weirdo. :-(
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One word: Picasa.

It will allow you to transfer your pictures from your camera to your pc, organize/tag them, and upload them to Picasa Web Albums in one fell swoop. It was literally made to do exactly what you're looking for.
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Sorry, I had camera on the brain. I use Picasa to easily upload images/screenshots already on my computer all the time and it's very easy.
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There's a Windows app that does the same thing: WinUp. I've never personally used it, though.
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Have to agree with jluce50. I have used Picasa since it started, it does everything you need and it's free. It fixes redeye, crops, etc.
You can make CD's, upload to Picasaweb and then invite your friends to view on line.
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For websites, you could try the transloader bookmarklet for ImageShack and see if it works better than the extension for your needs.
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