I was ripped from the headlines--help!
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I was watching one of my favorite shows, Law and Order: SVU, in syndication a few months ago when I noticed something scary: the basic plot mirrored a case I was directly involved in several years ago. Now I'm looking to find this episode.

In the episode, a father is accused of molesting one of his sons but denies having done this, despite police evidence. The key plot twist comes when the geneticist who stood on trial was found to have falsified his credentials on the stand. I don't remember much more about the episode than this, as obviously some points were changed and the story was much...looser than the actual case, which received national attention at the time. I've combed over episode synopses and haven't been able to find this episode. If I could find out the season and episode this show aired, I would be greatly appreciative.
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Full episode list with desriptions here.

I don't watch the show, so can't help much more than this. Hope it helps.
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The first seven seasons are available on Netflix to watch instantly. I've been searching Wikipedia episode synopses, but it's difficult because I don't watch the show.
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All episodes are available via bittorrent. Check Pirate Bay or tvtorrents.
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Could it have been Web, from Season 7? Though the website plot point would have been hard to miss. That site does seem to have more detailed episode summaries. Also, as someone who watches a shameful amount of L&O, it would help narrow it down if you could remember some of the detectives (e.g. was Ice-T there) or which ADA it was (blonde ice princess Alex Cabot or lameass redhead Casey Novak or the other one that I don't really watch now).
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If you could get a mod to post the timeframe of the actual case, that may help. The Law and Order universe tends to reflect recent events, so the episode could be pinned down to a particular season.
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I had this happen to me with an episode of Law & Order: SVU also. I thought it was pretty cool that a similar case to what I was involved in was used as the basis for the plot of a television show.
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Was it Escape?
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Could it be this one? (It's season 7, episode 22, found here)

"Web" Paul Grellong Peter Leto May 9, 2006 07022
When an eight-year-old propositions a male classmate, Stabler and Tutuola are called in to investigate the case and soon learn that Jake Winnock's father spent seven years in prison for molesting his older brother, Teddy. D.N.A. tests clear Gregory Hensal of abusing his son, but implicate Jake's older brother, whom detectives soon learn has been running his own personal Internet pornography site. T.A.R.U. tech Ruben Morales joins the detectives in their search for Teddy after he goes missing, but his own guilt about his nephew's molestation after being raped by an online predator he met using the computer Morales had given him colors his judgment when dealing with one of the suspects. This is a 'ripped from the headlines' story resembling Justin Berry.

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It is definitely Escape, Season 5, episode 11.
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