Where can I buy Ojen liqueur?
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My father asked me. Figured I could find it, quick. I've used google et al and can't seem to lock down anything but a likely country of origin, Spain(?)... Still, the question is: Where can Ojen liqueur be purchased in the US? But any details regarding its origin/production (/existence?) would probably be useful.
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Found in a comment on this page at the blog "My Life on the Rocks":

Ojen was a common liqeuer in New Orleans in the early to mid-20th Century. There was always a bottle on the side board in New Orleans dining rooms. It is currently bottled by Manuel Fernandez, S.A. under the "White Label" and sold only through Martin Brother Wine in New Orleans. I was born and reared there, and my husband's family as well as mine have been in New Orleans since the early 1800s. I miss the old New Orleans customs.

My google-fu stops there. It looks like Martin Brother Wine might be out of business, althought that comment is only about a year old.
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Wikipedia says that the town of Ojén "used to be famous for the production of the anise liqueur, aguardiente, which many Spaniards take each day with their morning coffee ..."

Doing some searches for anis/anise liquors has turned up several results for purchase. It might not be the exact, traditional Ojen, but might be close enough.
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If my rusty Spanish serves me adequately, this page claims that all efforts to resurrect the legendary anis liqueur from Ojen has been in vain.
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Best answer: This blog post implies that (a) they don't make it any more, but (b) there are still a few liquor stores in the New Orleans area that bought up a large amount of stock and are still selling it off. You might try getting on the horn with Martin Wine Cellar (888-407-7496), Dorignac's Food Center (504-834-8216), or Vieux Carré Wine & Spirits (504-568-9463) and see if they can hook you up.
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A friend of mine knows I'm on mefi, and so when he came across this thread he sent me a link to pass along to you.
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